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Amazon Web Services : AWS

Amazon Web Services : A Quick Introduction              Share/Save/Bookmark

Recently I came across a new technology , Amazon web services or simply AWS..and I was come Amazon developed such a great technology…when thinking about the Amazon first impression which comes to mind is ,the famous online e-commerce site..never knew that amazon was quietly developing such wonderful things , overtaking Google or Microsoft…really awesome , well done guys..

For those of you who don't know about AWS

  •       AWS is a collection of infrastructure services
  •       Amazon is providing this as infrastructure as a service
  •       Like storage as a service or computing capacity or simply virtual machines are a service
  •       Pricing is flexible , pay only for the things you use
  •       Amazon S3 is a storage service ,where you can store your data
  •       Amazon EC2 is about web computing , you will be able to deploy virtual machines in Amazon data centers using EC2 technology with full root access…isn't that amazing!!

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